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2 Lives Left

!Automatic Clubbing!

TWO LIVES LEFT is an audio-visiual "automatic clubbing" application . TUNATRIGGER brings his own music and cooperates with DJs. Apart from audio triggered movies of TUNA performing musical overdubs in sync with the external (DJ) audio, more abstract scenarios are presented. Ocassionally processes of displacement and deconstructing occur, infected by the pulse of the music, while the flow of the performance continues. TUNA TRIGGER is not inventing a new style but offers a new methode...
making of
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Prototype VJ

Prototype installation

Prototype deconstruct

CynetArt 2003

I can feel you.
The visitor is confronted with the charismatic figureTUNA TRIGGER. TT is a friendly but volatile character. Sometimes shy, sometimes erruptively impulsive ... unpredictably changing conditions and moods.

As saint, as philosoph, as madman, lacking of any self control but also as brave middle class "Mister Average" he steps through an emotional minefield representing the accepted normality in fish breeding feedback systems. (what ever that means...original statement TT)

TT lives the beat. His movements are synchronized with an ever present pulse, which provides an automatique musical float mechanism. Sometimes TT spins in additional tracks, pictures and sounds at other times the rhythm takes command of his movements. TT is sometimes dancer, vocalist or instrumentalist ... at other times slave, storyteller, agitator, troublemaker.

technical aspects
interfaces & dimensions

Technically, TUNA TRIGGER is based on the multiple possibilities of the innovative patented presentation system HUMA which is developed by Humatic® and utilized in industrial media presentations, on opera stages and at art exhibitions.

During its runtime the TUNA application recombines the contents of a wide pool of media tracks that can correlate in open network structures. The visitor is invited to temporarly become a part of this network by influencing parameters that stir the flow and pathways of real time processes.

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events & exhibitions
2004 Two Lifes Left, Tuna Trigger at Re:Machine, Exhib.Berlin
2004 Berlin VJ Convention
2003 Dresden, Festspielhaus Hellerau Cynet Art Festival, Microscope Session
creators and participants
HUMATIC Concepts, media production, software, programming

Author & Director: Christian Graupner
System developer: Nils Peters
Actor & Co-author: Paul Browse

Add. Sound Design: Nico Aimar, VOOVsystems,
SVFX-Consultant: Stefan Kessner
Music Consultant & DJ (Dresden event): Matthias Härtig
Music & add. media authoring (Berlin events): Klaus Petersen

Humatic® , expert in hypervideo, interactive movies and dynamicly controlable "human-magnetic" media presentations.
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