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Since the de facto removal of QuickTime for Java from QuickTime 7.7.5 in March 2014 ChainGang is no longer available for download and purchase.

Registered users can get the latest installers here.

ChainGang is a value for money solution for synchronizing video playback to MIDI timecode or MIDI Clock. Based on code that handles synchronized multiscreen video playback in humatic's artistic work, it was developed to give project- and professional level AV and PostPro studios an affordable way to free the main audio production hard- and software from the burden of in-sequencer videoplayback by passing that task to laptops or additional machines that may stand around unused.
As more and more tone generation and audio processing is performed by plugins and virtual instruments, the deployment cycles of DAW PCs seem to become shorter and shorter. ChainGang potentially can help you squeeze another year out of your hardware by offloading video to a secondary computer for just fractions of the costs of an all new system.
Besides its primary purpose ChainGang presents a simple way to do synchronized multiscreen video installations or timecode synchronous teleprompting.

  • Plays and syncs most video formats Quicktime supports (no support for high profile AVC, though)
  • Windowed or fullscreen video playback with optional & size adjustable onscreen timecode display.
  • Adjustable frameoffset in both positive and negative direction. Absolute offsetting up to 24h
  • Optional Midi through
  • Optional full frame position Midi out on manual seeks to reposition the master sequencer from the video slave.
  • May send and read MIDI Machine Control (MMC)
  • Optional synchronized audioplayback
  • Automatic timecode framerate check with visual feedback.
  • Full Quicktime export functionality to eventually adjust media to hardware capabilities. (no Quicktime Pro key required)
  • Total recall operation. The program remembers all its operating parameters and restarts in the way you have last shut it down, thus freeing you from the need to load setups or adjust parameters over and over again in daily production work (setups can be saved and restored, too).
  • Virtual 00:00:00.00 frames. An unlimited number of virtual zero frames allow to split audio work into multiple projects.
  • Import audio, save & export movies for quick demoing or any other reason.
  • detailed MIDI monitoring facility.
  • Selectable display adapter for fullscreen mode
  • Support for 24p / 23.976 fps NTSC movies
  • Supports Quicktime Video Output Components for hardware playout to Blackmagic Decklink & eq. boards.
  • Minimal GUI / always on top option
  • Built-in ethernet MIDI system compatible w/ OS X Network MIDI or its Windows equivalent rtpMIDI as well as ipMIDI
  • Recent file history to quickly recall setups.
  • May act as a timecode master in MMC loop setups.
  • Frameoffset routeable to MTC & MMC or MTC only
  • Offset learn mode to map any videoframe to any incoming timecode value.
  • License may be stored on USB stick, allowing you to run the program on multiple machines.
  • Folder / batch import option

New in version 1.3.5, March 2012

  • Bug related to offsets authored into movies fixed
  • Fullscreen problem with latest java versions fixed

Additional reading:

To view the ChainGang manual including sequencer "how to"s, click here.
Some FAQs are answered here

System requirements:
ChainGang will work on any decent PC, running 32 or 64bit versions of Windows XP, Vista or Seven. A 32bit Java Runtime Environment version >= 1.5 and Quicktime 7 need to be installed.

External or internal MIDI Interface hardware needs to be present to connect to the timecode master (Most Midi via IP solutions work as well). The maximum size and quality of smoothly playable video depends on computer hardware.

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