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QuickTime 7.7.5 Notes

This seems to be the first version where the QuickTime API that ChainGang is built upon is no longer part of the standard installation. Make sure that you use the "advanced" option when installing QuickTime 7.7.5 and select "QuickTime For Java" from the additional components. Also please delete older files from C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre7\lib\ext\ before installing.
It is to be expected that no QuickTime for Java option will be available anymore in future QuickTime updates.

June 2009: Apple's latest subminor java update (delivered via Software Update) apparently breaks the Java Application Launcher for apps that use native 32bit libraries and thus breaks ChainGang. If you get an error like this:

when double-clicking ChainGang you are experiencing just that.

There is now a hotfix release addressing the issues available to registered users. Click here.

September 2009:
Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard again turned out to be too advanced and finely tuned for ChainGang. The hotfix linked to above contains a build that will make things work on Snow Leopard up to 10.6.2.
If you want to move your installation to a Windows machine, please contact us for free unlock codes.

Does ChainGang support any other synchronizing standards besides MidiTimeCode and MidiClock?

No, ChainGang in its current state will only work with Midi standards. To hook it into SMPTE or Sony 9pin setups you will need appropriate converter hardware.

Do I essentially need extra Midi hardware?

No, ChainGang works with common Midi via Ethernet solutions on both Windows and Mac. If you want to run ChainGang and your sequencer on one computer you can make use of the available virtual Midi subsystems on Windows and Apple's IAC Bus or virtual endpoints on OS X.

I'm trying to use ChainGang with a class-compliant MidiInterface (i.e. one that uses Windows' or OSX's built-in drivers), ChainGang seems to correctly react upon manual searches/repositioning in my sequencer, but does not start playback when I hit play in the sequencer. I am sure I send MTC to the correct port etc..

It seems like the plug and play Midi drivers, while passing on MTC data, drop all time information in it. Scrubbing/repositioning works, because most sequencers use SysEx messages for that. You will have to either use an alternative driver if available or an entirely different Midi interface, that comes with its own drivers. Interfaces affected by this limitation include the M-Audio Midisport Uno, the Swissonic Midi Cable and most other entry level products.

I can't make this load MPEG2 files. DivX, Xvid, etc also don't seem to work...?

You can make Quicktime load "more" avis and also MPEG2 (not WindowsMedia on PCs, that only works on the Mac right now) by installing additional components from [ Apples's component download page ]. For OS X, more components can be found via Apple's [ third party downloads listing ]. A very interesting plugin for Mac is the [ Perian ] ffmpeg wrapper. Most of these components are free. The MPEG2 component is not.

I'm running Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) and while ChainGang basically works fine it always crashes when I exit fullscreen mode

It seems like there is some incompatibility between Quicktime for Java and Mac OS X "Spaces". This may not affect all Leopard Macs, but those who experience the problem will have to disable "Spaces" while running ChainGang

When I try to run ChainGang on my PC, an error occurs. I have installed Quicktime and the latest Java. I use Windows XP as operating system.

When I launch the application I get the following error:

Unable the launch Java application.

Unable to locate the applications "main" class. The class "de.humatic.mtc.ChainGang" must be public and have a "public static void main(string)" method. (LAX)

The details page shows the following stack trace:

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: quicktime/Errors
at java.lang.ClassLoader.defineClass1(Native Method)

This is a common Quicktime java issue, that still occurs despite Apple ensureing their Installer would correctly interpret a machine's java environment in QT 7, regardless of the order of installation. The problem is, that Quicktime has put its Java bindings into the wrong place or might not have updated the classpath set by a previous installation.
Try this:
Make Windows Explorer look for It should be in C:Programs/java/jre1.5x/lib/ext. If you find it somewhere else copy it to the mentioned location.
Then right click "My Computer", select "Advanced" and click the "Environment variables" button at the bottom.
In the lower of the two tables, there are two entries of interest:
Classpath - this should either contain the full path to the Quickktime Java classes in the above mentioned location (i.e. C:Programs/java/jre1.5x/lib/ext/ or an entry like "%QTJava%. This would point to another entry in the same table called "QTJava" which then should contain the path to Correct anything that looks false here.

I'm trying to run ChainGang on my iBook with a Behringer BCR2000 as a MidiInterface. Timecode comes from Nuendo, which is configured as written in the ChainGang manual. ChainGang jumps to the correct movie position when I manually change playback position in Nuendo, but does not seem to react upon MTC or MidiClock.

We have confirmed reports from users that the Behringer boxes - at least on the Mac - do not forward Midi Timecode and MidiClock to the host computer. You will have to use a different Midi interface.

I'm running ChainGang on my Mac and everything went fine until it crashed on startup once.
Now it won't open anymore, but just keeps crashing when I try to launch it

Most likely there is some kind of problem wth the movie last played. ChainGang 1.3 should notice that and just prompt for another movie. If issues remain, go to %USERHOME%/Library/Application Support/humatic/ChainGang and delete the ChainGang properties file, then try again. When ChainGang asks for a movie, select some other file than the one that initiated the problem. (Quicktime crashes on Quicktime files is something that seems to happen on Macs much more frequently than on Windows. In case you experience the same on a PC, the properties file is located at: %USERHOME%\AppData\Roaming\humatic\ChainGang or %USERHOME%/Application Data/humatic/ChainGang on XP .

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