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  nmj - Network MIDI for Android™ & desktop Java

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nmj is a pure Java MIDI over ethernet solution for Android™ and desktop Java on all major operating systems, compatible with
  • RTP MIDI (as specified in RFC 4695 and implemented in Apple's Network MIDI in OS X)
  • ipMIDI (and other "raw" solutions like Midi2Net)
nmj provides a user defineable number of MIDI channels and is fully configureable through a simple java api.

The desktop version implements Java's service provider architecture for MIDI devices and will create addtional javax.sound.MidiDevices soon as the library has been put onto the classpath. There are no additional installations required and no native libraries involved.

As javax.sound is not implemented on Android, a small public api enables creation of standards compliant MIDI over Wifi apps for Android devices.

The library supports multicast DNS service discovery for zero config MIDI networking with OS X, iOS and rtpMIDI hosts and brings default configuration settings that will let it instantly work with ipMIDI, another popular native MIDI over ethernet solution (available for Windows and OS X).

Ethernet MIDI drivers for native applications:
rtpMIDI (Tobias Erichsen's Windows implementation of RFC 4695 and Apple's session initialization protocol)
ipMIDI (Multicast MIDI for Windows and OS X by

The version available here may no longer be fully up to date and may differ from what is currently used in TouchDAW in details. It should be fine to get started though. Please check back for updates or contact us directly. Thank you.

download nmj 0.86

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