nmj Network MIDI for Android™
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nmj is a low-level Android™ MIDI solution with support for various network protocols.

It is compatible with

  • RTP MIDI (as specified in RFC 4695 and implemented in Apple's Network MIDI in OS X)
  • ipMIDI
  • Class-compliant Usb MIDI interfaces
  • The HTML5 WebSocket specification
  • and more...
The library provides a user defineable number of MIDI connections and is fully configureable through a simple java api.

With the release of the mnet driver (currently in public beta) we are about to close the circle and do no longer rely on computer side java proxies and third party (loopback) drivers. Along with the driver release nmj's desktop java version has been deprecated. It is still included in the download, but will not see any more feature additions.

mnet supports all of nmj's connection options (Multicast, RTP, Bluetooth, Usb and WebSocket MIDI) and is available for Windows and OS X (Linux version pending).

nmj remains to be compatible with these fine network MIDI drivers for PC-side applications:
rtpMIDI (Tobias Erichsen's Windows implementation of RFC 4695 and Apple's session initialization protocol)
OS X's MIDI Network driver (and its iOS implementation in MIDINetworkSession)
ipMIDI (Multicast MIDI for Windows and OS X by nerds.de)
qmidinet & multimidicast (Multicast MIDI for Linux)

The library is under ongoing development. The version available here may at times not be fully up to date and may differ from what is currently used in TouchDAW - nmj's demo and road hardening app - in details. It should be fine to get started though. Please check back for updates or us directly. Thank you.

download nmj 0.897

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Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0

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