HUMA system: Manual under Construction Finishing modes


Switching a scene in HUMA can proceed in a multiple ways besides the commonly known hard cuts and transitions. By preparing segments in a way that certain keyframes match between them and assigning so called finishing modes to links and actions, one can create widespread trees of linked videoscenes that play back with no visible cut.

Almost every link in the Tagger's link assignment fields is accompanied by a popup menu, that holds 8 options on how a switch will proceed:

  • switch
  • finish scene
  • finish fwd.
  • finish bwd.
  • finish segment
  • finish seg.fwd
  • finish seg.bwd
  • pass offset
  • keep offset

These are defined as follows:
Switch : immediate switch, or scenechange via an effect transition if assigned
Finish scene: takes the current movie position and computes the shorter end to either the scene's in or out point. Then plays to that end and switches.
Finish fwd: plays to the scene's out point and switches.
Finish bwd: plays to the scene's in point and switches
Finish segment, finish seg. fwd and finish seg. bwd will do as the corresponding scene versions but only consider the currently showing segment in multisegment scenes
All these finishing modes have a speedup parameter that, if selected, will increase the movie's playback rate during the finishing operation.
Pass offset: immediate scene change that transfers the current movie frame as offset frame to the called scene. This can for example be used to achieve a camera viewpoint switching effect
Keep offset: immediate switch that stores the current frame as the left scene's offset frame