HUMA system: Manual under Construction Groups


Groups combine any number of scenes and let you assign common actions to them. Some hardwarerelated actions are only available when using groups.

You can sort scenes into groups in two ways: manually by selecting a group from the popup in the Scene's group tab or automatically on import by selecting the new preference (Edit -> Preferences) "auto asign scene groups". (latter will asign a (segment)group number to all media segments imported in a folderimport and then assign the same number as scenegroupnumber to the scenes you build from that media).
Groups can be displayed in different colors (edit-> preferences -> colors), be hidden and shown in the tagger (key command: ctrl 1-8) and can have collective actions asigned to for runtime.
To edit groupactions click the groups button on the lower left side. There is a tab for all 8 groups, showing action parameters and 8 buttons to select the action to edit (right: 8 actions per group).
After selecting choose an event from the left list, an action to execute from the right and fill the other parameters' textfields. Then click ok or select the next action.
Currently available groupactions are: groupClick: one collective link for a humaclick (fast movement in the main sensor's y axis). This will execute before sceneclicks if there are any assigned. We use this to let a user "wake" scenegroups from states like multiscene audiotriggering.
group timeout: pretty much self explaining
field free: sensor invoked action when the sensorfield is completely free. This can only be used with the SICK LMS200 and eyecon/osc.
button 1 - 8 down/up: assign scene changes to up to 12 physical buttons that can either be provided by a cinetix sensorbox's digital ins ( or the above mentioned serial switch (well, 2 of them). Practically this means you can use any switching device (movement detector, light barriers etc) to cause evolving scene switches, as one switch can have a different action assigned to in another scenegroup.