HUMA system: Manual under Construction Installation

steps to follow (in this order):

As HUMA in the moment is Windows only, this all applies to Windows only. We recommend using Windows XP!! Fun with HUMA starts at about 1.5 Ghz and Pentiums definetely do a better job than Athlons.


- uninstall quicktime 5 and older java versions

- install java runtime environment 1.5 ( -jdk version is fine, but basically the jre does the job. If you're running the development kit, make sure you use the HUMAjdk installer later on. If possible use the default install locations here.

- install Quicktime 6 ( Important: select custom install and click the "select all" button on the next page, cause otherwise QTJava will not be installed!!!. QT Pro is NOT required.

- run the HUMA installer.

- when you first run both Tagger and runtime you will be prompted for serial numbers, which we provide by phone or email. After entering the return codes browse for one of the samples and see if it opens and plays.

possible trouble sources:
- out of date DirectX version (please make sure you have at least 8.1. or better 9.x installed)
- uncomplete sound system installation (the runtime might immediately crash after opening movies in case anything is wrong with your sound setup)