HUMA system: Manual under Construction TableView and SceneTag Editors


The table view editor shows raw scene parameters in human readable form and offers possibilities to edit and manipulate multiple scenes' parameters at a time. To open it select "TableView" from the "Tags" menu or press shift-ctrl-T.

The table lists all a project's scenes in vertical order. Parameters, listed horizontally, are devided into four groups which are accessed via the opened popup as shown on the left.

To select a value to edit, double-click into one of the fields. The selected row will be highlighted and the scenenumber be displayed in the top left corner. Enter a new value by keyboard or use the two sliders to change the entry.

When editing multiple scenes you have three possibilities to determine which. Use the middle popup to choose the multiple selection mode.:
selected - all scenes currently selected by mouse action (hold down shift and click into the last scene you want to include in the selection) will be edited.
equal media - all scenes that use the same segments are included
equal HUMAmode - includes all scenes with identical base functionality.

As not all parameter values might be obvious in their meaning, it is recommended to adjust one template scene via the Tagger's GUIelements before using the Table to "clone" it.


A single scene's parameters can be examined and edited in the scene's tag display. To open the currently edited scene's tag display, press F3. F4 will take you back to the Scene Editor.