dsj - DirectShow <> Java wrapper

DirectShow - originally called 'ActiveMovie' - was the 'core media technology in Windows XP'. The push for a 'Universal Windows Platform' turned it into 'Legacy Technology' with Windows Vista. Today much of the hardware DirectShow was used to handle does not really exist anymore. Compression formats have come and gone. The API will forever remain to be stuck in Win32 land. Its widespread use will probably make it hang around for some time to come, but it will be increasingly uncoupled from overall development in digital media and silently fade away over time.

This wrapper was mainly created between 2006 and 2010. Like the wrapped APIs it has pretty much stalled in recent years with the last release dating back to 2015. Incompatible changes in the latest JDK versions now required a fix. This is only about 'life support' though and does not contain anything new. You can download both the 2015 release and a JDK 10 compatible version below, but:

Please be aware that this is dying technology. It should not be used in new applications anymore!

You can get an unlock code for noncommercial use from here. An archive containing old samplecode is available here.

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