Serial COM

OK, this is obviously not network related, but as the whole shebang that evolved into this driver originates in code written for controlling the robotic creatures of Berlin's machinery art ensemble Dead Chickens (where serial communication is still pretty much common), it seemed logical to also include the serial stuff here. Hopefully it will be useful to somebody.

Serial COM channels by default run raw MIDI bytes over serial connections. There is some more specialized support for a handful of DMX interfaces, enabling you to send DMX directly from a MIDI sequencer.

Serial channels need to be created and configured manually. Type Control + to create a new channel. Set the mode popup to "Serial" and select the COM port your hardware is connected to. By default serial communication parameters will be 115200 kBaud, 8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit. This should cover 99% of use-cases and both the Baudrate and Serial Params fields can remain to be empty. If you need something else, enter the desired baudrate and combine the rest of your parameter values (in the mentioned order) into 12 bits (so four bits per field) and put that into the "Serial Params" textfield. Click OK and patch the channel that will be created to the MIDI port you want to send from / receive on.

DMX interface support is limited to those shown in the upper screenshot. That is (listed in order of how much I would "recommend" them):
Enttec USB DMX Pro - resonably priced, does in and output though not simultanously. This is sold under various brand names and in various form factors.
Cinetix USB DMX - good bidirectional interface with the usual hilarious Cinetix API. Might be no longer available. Rather expensive and (in merge mode) easily overrun by professional setups' dmx data amounts, though.
Eurolite USB DMX - This has a "Pro" in its original name, but I'll leave that away here. Output only, slow as hell, no auto refresh functionality.

With these interfaces MIDI CCs and Note events on channels 1 - 4 will set the output level on 512 DMX channels.

If your interface is not included, consider asking its manufacturer to send us a sample. We do not intend to extend this list ourselves and will not go and buy 50 more proprietary DMX interfaces if you complain about mnet's limited DMX support on some third party forum.

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