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Wearable Controls

After hesitating for over a year, here we go. Let's play the role that the 'ecosystem' wants us to play and act as the idiot developer again, building stuff that will eventually make people buy hardware they don't really need. I wonder if what 'worked' with tablets will work with not so smart watches as well. Some smaller and larger companies from around the pacific ocean would sure appreciate it.

So, TouchDAW 1.54 can now push a handful of controls to Android Wear devices. That is: you can for example start recording from your watch or change synth setups from your wrist. If you didn't know you needed that, now you do. Life is never going to be the same again.
(I figure this may indeed make sense in some situations, but should one buy a watch for it? Probably not. After all, stuff that is not produced in first place, does not need to be burned in Africa later on)

The above menu will appear in Setup / Global / Layout & Interaction IF you run Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean) or larger and have Google's Android Wear companion app installed. It will let you select from a number of operation modes (described below) that will push a stack of 'cards' to a connected Wear device once you are out of the setup again. Each stack contains 5 actions that can be swiped through and when touched will make the phone send the corresponding MIDI commands.

There's three things to note here: First: At its core this is standard Android functionality. There is no app running on the watch, it's just push notifications with attached actions. Second: MIDI is not sent by the watch. It only instructs the phone or tablet to send something. This is not going to be latency free. It's not necessarily super-laggy, but it will also not be quite the same as if you pushed a button directly on the handheld. And third: There is no continous stream of data going here. Actions fire one command and that's it. No dynamic wristwatch to filter cutoff mapping, I'm afraid. You will still need to strap your phone to your arm for that.

Action Stacks

DAW transport

Standard MCU transport bar chopped into 5 pieces.
MIDI will be sent from the app's first (DAW controller) connection.

MMC transport

Like the above, but sending MIDI Machine Control commands out through TouchDAW's second MIDI connection.

Custom DAW commands

When selecting this the dialog shown on the right will come up and let you select 5 functions out of the defined static actions of your DAW's MCU implementation. Sends through TouchDAW's first MIDI connection.

Custom MIDI commands

Will again show another dialog in which you can piece together any MIDI command (except sysex and some system realtime stuff) to be sent through the app's second MIDI connection.

Special cases: Note Ons are interpreted as toggles, first touch sends the On event, second touch the Off. If you select Note Off, the phone will send a Note On and a Note Off shortly afterwards.

XML defined commands

This mode will read the MIDI to send from the xml file selected as a MIDI map at Setup / MIDI Utilities / XML Mapping. You can use this with sysex. MIDI goes out through connection number 2.
See the default.xml for an example, node definitions etc.

Finally there are two non-MIDI cards of which the first will let you close the whole stack and the second (which is system defined) will let you block TouchDAW from sending further notifications to the watch. If you make use of the latter, you will need to go into the phone's Wear settings to unblock the app again if desired, so it might be easier to just disable things in TouchDAW's menu. Notifications can also be closed by swiping away the 'cover' notification that will appear on the phone's lockscreen.

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