Humatic is a production company and an association of creative people held together by founder Christian Graupner alias VOOV. Humatic publishes the results of experimental research in the fields of conceptual activities, digital image & sound media and performance at irregular intervals. The so-called Humatic Re_Performance concepts [H_RP] have received international attention with works such as 'MindBox' 'MNM' ‘ManuFact ‘ 'Love Of Metals'. Currently the team focuses on the H_RP work series 'FrameWork 112_5' and concentrates on releases on their own AV label. A comprehensive Berlin show with the working title 112_5 BPM is currently being planned for 2023.
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In Humatic media artists & developers join their forces to create sound & video installations, audience reactive sculptural media systems for stage, exhibitions & events. The name HUMA - derived from 'HUman MAgnetics' - points to the close link between audience & media, that Humatic's patented technology can achieve. Classical formats such as static installations, photography and soundtracks complete the concepts and digital systems

commissioned works & collaborations
Interactive sound and media installations target museums' & theme parks' audiences of all ages. Some works make use of the holographic 'Pepper's Ghost method

in 2017 Humatic's Collaborative Music Environment 'MTT BoomLab' a html 5 / web audio based 'Music Machine' for young visitors has been created in a partnership between Humatic & Norbert Schnell (University Furtwangen, IRCAM )and the BOOMlab Music-Team (VOOV,Schwarz-Ruszczynski JetMagic & Kate Wood)...commissioned by experimenta Science Center Heilbronn Germany & J.Hunger Exhibition Design.

Humatic realized 3rd party art works such as Guy Ben-Ner's 'Münster -Bikes' or the life-size touchsensitive ' Tactim' By LaCri, Toulon(F), scenographed Milo Rau's Theater piece 'Pornographia', and G Winkler' s non-linear opera Heptameron for ZKM & Munich Biennale, created sensor-ruled interactive encounters with historic video protagonist for museums ...and many more.

artist tools
composers & recording artists are happy with
TouchDAW MIDI control app for Android.

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