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In Humatic media artists & developers join their forces to create sound & video installations, audience reactive sculptural media systems for stage, exhibitions & events. The name HUMA - derived from 'HUman MAgnetics' - points to the close link between audience & media, that Humatic's patented technology can achieve. Classical formats such as static installations, photography and soundtracks complete the concepts and digital systems

commissioned works & collaborations
Interactive sound and media installations target museums' & theme parks' audiences of all ages. Some works make use of the holographic 'Pepper's Ghost method

Recently Humatic's Collaborative Music Environment 'LOOPiter' a html 5 / web audio based 'Music Machine' for young visitors has been created in a partnership between Humatic & Norbert Schnell (University Furtwangen, IRCAM )and the BOOMlab Music-Team (VOOV,Schwarz-Ruszczynski JetMagic & Kate Wood)...commissioned by experimenta Science Center Heilbronn Germany & J.Hunger Exhibition Design.

Humatic realized 3rd party art works such as Guy Ben-Ner's 'Münster -Bikes' or the life-size touchsensitive ' Tactim' By LaCri, Toulon(F), scenographed Milo Rau's Theater piece 'Pornographia', and G Winkler' s non-linear opera Heptameron for ZKM & Munich Biennale, created sensor-ruled interactive encounters with historic video protagonist for museums ...and many more.

artist tools
composers & recording artists are happy with
TouchDAW MIDI control app for Android.

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